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The right place to find the best garage for any service related to classic cars. From the full restoration of your grandad's 1967 Chevy Impala to buying a matching number 1989 Ferrari Testarossa, servicing a Porsche 964 Turbo or getting insurance for the 1973 Mini Cooper of your mum. 


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Help us build trust in the classic car trade. No cowboys allowed.
Taking your classic car to a garage is always an exercise of trust. At the moment the best help you can get is relying on your closest contacts to take decisions. It is high time to create the classic car trusted garage network based on real reviews from real customers and you can be a key part of this project.
No matter if your 1967 Chevy Impala V8 carbs are not finely tuned or your white Ferrari Testarossa might needs a regular service or even when your 1972 2.4S Porsche 911 needs some restoration works on the Targa roof. Other people have done those jobs in the past facing similar concerns as you: is this classic garage the right place for doing those works? Should I take it somewhere else to get it fixed quicker or are they going to do a faster job compromising quality? Do I want a cheap restoration or for me only the best is acceptable? Who is the best person on earth to fully rebuild my Ferrari 250 GTO gearbox ?
We are building the trusted garage network for classic cars where your opinion is as important as anyone else’s. No matter which brand you own or what works you have performed to your classic car yet.We want to make sure you are able to pick the right artisans for your specific and unique requirements.
Let’s simplify the decision making process with all the information other users can provide and help them by doing the same.
We all know as well, we can probably maximise the selling price of any classic car by using a respected and trusted garage. Why don’t we discover who are them so we all get a better deal. The same will happen when you try to buy a classic car from one of these honest auto traders, you are going to save money with them as you certainly avoid buying the wrong vehicle or the right car at the wrong price.
We want you to help us build this trust in the classic car trade. It helps classic car garages and owners evenly.
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The whole classic car market will be available for your company.
We give you the opportunity to highlight your garage in front of the crowd with all your capabilities and show your customers and prospects how proud you are and how helpful you can be to them. It’s easy and FREE.
Take advantage of this premium service with perfect access to our community so that every classic car owner knows you better with all the services you offer. Get your business exposed only to real prospects and customers who are the base of our community.
We offer an exclusive list of tailor made services for every and all premium garages on our website. It includes the possibility of having your own free website inside our domain in case you might need one, the ability to show (off) all the restoration works you have done to date and we also offer the chance to show all the cars you have for sale in your garage. Bare in mind, we are giving you access to a targeted audience rather than other generalist websites. Why not explain all your customers what services you can offer to them, highlight your areas of craftsman expertise and more over, interact with them knowing they are real prospects. It is also a great opportunity to attract reviews from previous customers too so that every member is aware of your strengths, values and daily hard work.
Do you want to appear on our front page for free? Look no further. Build confidence with real prospects by using our online presence. We are going to build the best community of classic car owners, garages and anyone interested in the beautiful world of real engines and machines. I don’t think you have any interest in missing out this opportunity and hence it is FREE.
The whole classic car market will be at your feet, just become premium, sit back and enjoy the ride.


The best online tool for your classic car.
For us, only the best is acceptable. We all know there are cowboys in every trade and we have to give people at least one opportunity, but we are not willing to accept rogue traders or black sheep in our community as a car owner or as a garage. We want the best information for our community members and we are only going to accept that, not because we are elitist, but because you asked for it and also you deserve it. Very simple.
We’ll pay close attention to every garage that gets bad reviews specially for not doing a good job to community members and we likely block them from our website or highlight it as a cowboy. We don’t want any unhappy users here and that is very important to us.
This comes also with a flipside, even though we expect all our reviews on this website to be fair and independent, you might feel it is not the case in some occasions; we will appreciate if you let us know immediately too, so we can certainly make sure the best information is always available to all of us.
We won’t accept just any words for granted in any review, so be aware we might ask you for a proof of what you are saying in case there is a dispute with any other member or garage of the website. Feel free to post as much as you want on our classic car community and bear in mind this is not a coercive message but more a warning for those trying to input a biased message just to harm competitors or trying to be unfair to the rest of the community. What we mean is: Get ready to answer questions if you have posted a bad review. I think we will all like the right to answer back to someone not happy based on facts, not on inventions.
Communities are based on trust and that is what we want from every one of you to behave in here, so that we make this website the best tool for your classic car experience.


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Make the most of our search engine. Find the right garage based on real reviews and avoiding cowboys.
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From regular servicing to a whole restoration project and anything in the middle. Book the works with us.


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