1973 Porsche 911 2.4 T/E Targa restoration works done by Charles Ivey in Winter 2013-14


I bought my car during Christmas 2013. It was a phone conversation where I had to pay up a little bit what I thought would cost me but in the end I was so happy to end up owning a Porsche 911 2.4. 
I chased cars for months. I also spent some money inspecting some of them (3 or 4) and I'm very happy that as the case as some of them pretending to be matching number were not that matching in the end. The car I bought made an appearance on Total 911 magazine as an example of the 1973 T model in the US as it has fuel injection and not carburettors as the European ones. Based on that, the engine produces 10 hp more but the noise is different and arguably worse. The US imported cars tend to be a very light history available and that was the case from my car too. One of the first thing I did was contacting Marc Noack in Porsche Stuttgart in order to get as many info available about my car, anything !! There I got a copy of the original invoice so I could have a great idea of what to do in order to bring her to a pristine condition.
The car looked solid and the inspection said so too, but some months later, a few bubbles started appearing near the engine bay, close to the rear window and made me think the car had rust. We all know (I mean by all, all the owners of classic 911s) the first generation of Porsche 911 get rusty hence, my car was not an exception. I took my car to Charles Ivey in Fulham, London and I spoke to Alvaro, the owner of the garage, about his impressions with my car. For him, the car could still be driven for some time before requiring to do the job, but the more we took to do the job, more chances the car got deeper rust and the works could end up (even) more expensive. For me, it was clear, I want to have my car in mint condition, so he got all ready to start the restoration of the back half of my beloved Porsche 911 2.4. To be perfectly honest, I was so impressed by the pictures he sent me after stripping off the car. Because of the bad situation the car was below the paint.

Initial Works


porsche-911-t e s-2.4-1973-door-arches-rust

The situation was particularly bad on the door arches (as you can see) and the previous repairs were not of a very high standard. As you can see too a lot of work got done in order to stop rust to move to the front part of the car and later we also replaced the parts with OEM ones.

Starting restoration works



The next pictures weren't very exciting either and even though I was expecting to get a mint condition car, I was only getting ugly pics of my car. Alvaro told me to be patient as the outcome will be as good or better than I could think of. 


The next set of pics, things were different, it started to look like a proper car now !!! not in the original colour though but getting there.



Final classic car restoration stage

And the Final outcome it certainly was better than I thought !!! Thanks Alvaro for your help !!

Final-stage-porsche-911-restoration-rear-wing-painted.jpg final-stage-restoration-porsche-911-2.4-1973-rear-wing-paintedfinal-stage-porsche-911-restoration-project-24-t-e-sfinal-stage-restoration-porsche-911-24-1973-t-e-s-paint-drying

And here goes the car by the entrance of Le Mans !! Enjoy the pics !!

Porsche 911 at le mans entrance


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