Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, 50th Anniversary

alfa romeo stradale most expensive alfa romeo

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, probably the most expensive (and beautiful) Alfa Romeo created

Stradale is the usual name used by Italian automakers for the legal road version of a racing car, this time we are talking about 18 cars to dream of; I think the story starts with enough character so far. The car was labelled as one of the sexiest cars of all time and certainly one of the 60s. Certainly a beautiful classic car and rarely for sale.

It was in 1967 when everything started. Seems it was not a very good year for Bordeaux wines but a much better for the Barolo in Piedmont, near Turin in Italy. It was a time when there was not a speed limit on the Italian roads and police just might stop you to see the car you were driving, pretty likely the case on this classic Alfa Romeo. This piece of art was Designed by Mr Scaglioni, bodied in Milan by Carrozzeria Marazzi and presented in 1967 Monza Sports Car Show.

The car is probably one of the most admired Alfa Romeo cars in history, not only because of the beauty and performance, but also as a good example of the supercars in the 60s. There were only 18 cars built between the production years 1967-69, but there are replicas (even on the Alfa Romeo Museum) and some concept cars.

The machine was a beast and quite technology advanced even for those years. 2 door coupe V8 2L engine, 230 bhp, mechanical fuel injection with a 6 speed manual transmission, rear mid engine and Rear wheel drive weighting 700kg and ready to rumble reaching 160mph and able to get 60mph in 5.5 seconds, not bad right? I think those specs made the car fly on the roads.

It was the first car using butterfly doors, she wears Campagnolo magnesium alloy wheels and because all of them are fitted by hand, the 18 cars are just unique.

The car was a record breaker too, for instance, in terms of performance she was able to run 1km in just 24 seconds. Bear in mind the cars from competitors (Ferrari Daytona, De Tomaso Mangusta or the Miura) were using engines with double the size of the Stradale.

It was also the priciest commercial car in 1968 with a price tag of $17000 (the average car of the time cost less than $3000). Due to the lack of trading on these cars it is certainly impossible to calculate the price but we are sure it has good chances of breaking a record too.

Five of the 33 Stradale were built as concept cars and they were fitted with different carrozzeria. Between Pininfarina, Bertone and Giugiaro they built all of them. Beautiful machines all of them and very collectable if you can get hold of any of them.

Following their Italian spirit a twin headlight 33 stradale appeared in a 1969 Italian movie called: Un bellissimo novembre (Translated into English means: A very beautiful November).

Coys of Kensington announced the auction of one of them in 2016 but there was no information about the outcome. The car didn’t had an original engine and it was a rebuilt from an authorised manufacturer by Alfa Romeo, but in case it sold it certainly reached a very high price tag. In the event the classic car exchanged got auctioned and exchanged hands, she will give access to the new owner to a very exclusive club of unique classic car collectors. In case it is you, congrats!

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