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Classic car insurance for mini, Porsche or any other brand

When you look for a regular insurance for your home, car or anything else, you tend to find an aggregator of them in several websites like or money among others, but it is not the case in order to insure classic cars.
The work of finding the right car insurance for your classic car is a time consuming one at the moment. To be fair, in my personal experience the underwriters of any classic car insurance are very little in number, like 5 of them and everyone else is just a broker for them.
To be very clear as well, markets in the UK are very competitive, not only the insurance one, but any other too. No matter if you look for a classic car insurance for your Mini produced in the UK, or insurance for your classic Porsche or Ferrari, you can find very good prices for them.
In a lot of insurances there are many clauses to worry about, particularly in home insurance, as we all well know family well how cheeky and tricky everything can get with your insurance company when you have a claim.
I also remember having a conversation with someone who did a claim, got the premium raised and as he started looking for more insurance quotes, he ended up paying less money (and stating the claim too to the other insurance company)
I remember one day having a conversation with a broker saying that a good measure to know if the premium on your classic car insurance was fair is to get charged less than 1% of the value of the car. Let’s say your Porsche 911 is worth £100k, so a premium below £1k should be a good quote. Having said that, she was trying to argue that my quote from a competitor (which was 0,35%) was way too low and maybe wrong. But the fact was, it was right and with the right coverage for me.
With all these examples, I am just trying to highlight that finding the right classic car insurance is a time consuming task, but in the process of getting it, you will end up with the right one.
In general, it is not easy to find a good quote but after the input from some of you, we can certainly help you find a cheap insurance for your classic car. Send us an email and let’s talk. Get ready to save money on insurance and use it in fuel (or original parts) !!

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