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Ford Motor Co origin

Henry Ford founded Ford Motor Company in June 1903 and since then the company produced cars. In my humble opinion, Henry Ford was the Steve Jobs of his time. Someone who changed the way things were getting done forever by giving access to a relatively cheap set up. As we claim on the footnote in our homepage he said: “ If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses ”. He certainly was a visionary.

The world has provided loads of great people but once they are gone usually we can only get access to her/his heritage as the business disappeared once they passed away, but to be fair, even though Ford Motor Co has suffered a few financial problems over time, the company is still out there producing cars.

The brand provides more cars for sale than any other else in the world and makes absolute sense. Over 100 years producing cars gives a lot of opportunity to have loads of models and loads of vehicles outstanding. In a way, Porsche car owners have had a much better ownership of them and they are estimated around 80% of the Porsche produced are still running, but taking into account the total amount of cars Ford has produced Vs Porsche, there are more Fords outstanding than Porsche.

What I think Ford is missing is the expertise in their cars from their official garages. I haven’t found a single one offering expertise in restoring, maintaining and repairing them which I think it is also a shame.

Ford competitive advantage to succeed for so long

Ford introduced methods for large-scale manufacturing of cars and large-scale management of an industrial workforce using elaborately engineered manufacturing sequences typified by moving assembly lines. By 1914, these methods were known around the world as Fordism. 

Other Ford brands

Ford's former UK subsidiaries Jaguar and Land Rover, acquired in 1989 and 2000 respectively, were sold to Tata Motors in March 2008. Ford owned the Swedish automaker Volvo from 1999 to 2010. In 2011, Ford discontinued the Mercury brand, under which it had marketed entry-level luxury cars in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Middle East since 1938. In a bit more of a romantic note, Ford acquired 2 Italian coachbuilder firms: Vignale and Carrozzeria Ghia. Even though Vignale brand was discontinued at the time. Ford decided to bring it back to life in recent times with some models Vignale branded.

Ford GT

Classic Ford cars for sale

The Ford models and specs more sought after in the UK are Capri, Escort, Cortina, Mustang, Granada, Cosworth, RS2000, Anglia, Fiesta, Escort MK1, XR2, Zephyr, Mexico, Zodiac, Sierra, Escort MK2, RS turbo, MK1, MK1 Escort, MK2, Consul, 1600e, RS, GT40, Corsair, Popular, Transit, XR3i, XR3, GT, Thunderbird, Orion, Prefect, Lotus Cortina, Mustang fastback, model t, Pilot, and pickup.

Ford Hot Rods and Ford involvement in Hot Rods

The first hot rods in general were old cars (most often Fords, typically Model Ts, 1928–31 Model As, or 1932-34 Model Bs), modified to reduce weight. Typical modifications were removal of convertible tops, hoods, bumpers, windshields, and/or fenders; channeling the body; and modifying the engine by tuning and/or replacing with a more powerful type it is fairly common in these kind of cars. Speedster was a common name for the modifies car. Wheels and tires were changed for improved traction and handling. "Hot rod" was sometimes a term used in the 1950s as a derogatory term for any car that did not fit into the mainstream. Hot rodders' modifications were considered to improve the appearance as well, leading to show cars in the 1960s replicating these same modifications along with a distinctive paint job. Immediately postwar, most rods would change from mechanical to hydraulic ("juice") brakes and from bulb to sealed-beam headlights. Engine swaps often involved fitting the Ford flathead V8 engine, or "flatty", in a different chassis. In the '50s and '60s, the flatty was supplanted by the early hemis (Chrysler patented an hemispherical combustion chamber engine nicknamed semi). 

Classic Ford Models we like and prices

Among all, the Ford GT (and the available replicas) are one of the hottest cars of the brand. A good Ford GT replicas will cost at least £60.000 but you can find them more expensive depending on different factors like the quality of the racing preparation of them.

The other eternal vehicle from the brand is the mighty Ford Mustang, in particular the Mustang Fastback is the one showing manhood. What a corker! you can find them for sale from £40.000 onwards.

We also like the Ford Capri model. You can find them from different prices but a decent condition one for sale will cost you at least £12.000. We like a lot the Capri RS and the ones rally prepared, they look amazing ! The Capri model is always a good car to get people into the classic car world as you can buy for little money.

The Cortina model is fantastic for classic racing and also a good starting car if you are into classic racing, some of them where developed by Lotus. You can find some for sale with a £5.000 price tag but you’ll definitely have to spend more money for a good one.

Ford RS Cosworth Ford RS Turbo Ford RS2000

Of the modern classics we fell in love with 3 cars, all them amazing performance machines: the Ford Escort RS Cosworth, Ford Escort RS200 and Ford RS Turbo. Lovely beasts which are still not silly expensive. You can find them for sale from £25.000 onwards.

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