First speeding ticket in history

Police constable stopping classic car driver for chat

First speeding ticket quadrupling the legal speed limit and more

This romantic story took place in January, 28th 1896 when Mr Walter Arnold, one of the first dealers of Benz cars in the UK, crossed the street of Paddock Wood in Kent at four times the legal speed limit (2 mph). He even dared to forget getting a person ahead of his vehicle waving a red flag in order to warn any pedestrian of any possible hazardous situation it might happen (as the law claimed).

The local constable trying to hold his shock, grabbed his pushbike and followed him for another 5 miles until he reached the racer and accomplished the job of fining the gentleman, as he should.

Years later the law changed. Not only the use of the flag was made unnecessary but also the speed limit was raised to 14 mph. In order to celebrate this speed increase, a race between London and Brighton (“Emancipation Run”) was created and Mr Arnold, the first speeder on earth, was one of the drivers using one of his Arnold Motor Carriage vehicles (his company) based on Benz cars to race too.

This race is the origin of the world known one, taking place in November between London (Hyde Park) and Brighton where only vehicles produced before 1905 can attend. It’s a lovely show, iconic and a show off of pure British Heritage. If you have the opportunity to attend, you should. Bear in mind the race starts early and it's not ideal for good sleepers.

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Less known stories, Racing History
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