Porsche 930 project, Porsche 911 Turbo


Porsche 930 project – Porsche 911 Turbo for everyone else

If you have followed our blog you might be aware of our dislike of 80s cars in terms of design. It was, in our view an ugly side of history after the oil crisis in the 70s. Among all those ugly 80s cars there are still some highlights, for us Porsche 930 is one of them. Even though Porsche 930 project it was made since 1975 (and getting all the love of the 70s) it was sold all the way up to 1989, so it’s really an 80s car too.

The whale tail makes the car a piece of manhood too. but the beast inside the engine and the German engineering inside any bolt and nut makes this machine one of the best (looking too) cars of the 80s.

In total, 2819 were produced between 1975-1977 mounting a 3-liter engine (260 hp) and 18770 were made between 1978-1989 using a 3.3-liter engine (330 hp). All of them are flat six air cooled single turbocharged reared engine RWD machines. Porsche kept the 2 door with a 2+2 (useless) set up but creating different versions: Coupe, Cabriolet, Targa and Speedster. All of them have something special. For me the Speedster is clearly the most appealing.

To complicate things, the US and Japan changed their emission regulations in 1980 and Porsche had to stop selling those beasts in those countries for some time. Porsche managers were expecting/willing/hoping Porsche 928 could overtake Porsche 911 model eventually and then move on from those regulation changes, certainly not the case at all. Porsche 928 is meant to be a luxurious version of the 911 but at the end of the day is just one of those ugly cars of the 80s not worth much to mention about it.

From early 1981, 982 vehicles were offered as Flachbau (Flatnose) versions with very individualized cars made from orders. The price could reach a 60% premium at the time or even more. At the moment those are very collectable cars and if you see any feel very lucky !! Those are the one u should buy as a classic car investor.

These lovely machines were replaced by the also lovely and mighty 964s Turbo.

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