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If you are looking for classic Veglia Borletti parts for sale, you are in the right place. Here we are going to provide you some links so you can make the right purchase, just adjust your criteria to your budget and location. If you are interested in the Ferrari Veglia Borletti gauges click here. Alfa Romeo Veglia Borletti parts are also in huge demand, so please access this link. If on the other hand you need a Fiat Veglia Borletti gauge, visit this other link. Maybe classic Maserati instruments are your interest, then this link is for you. As Veglia Borletti made gauges for so many brands but usually italian car makers (De Tomaso, Lancia, ... ) I'd also suggest using this link for a general view of what is available at the moment.

Some of these classic car parts are rare and expensive particularly the ones for De Tomaso or Ferrari. There are also some refurbished Veglia Borletti instruments used as a clock (which can be interesting for a petrol head) in case you want something a bit different but still the same.

Veglia Borletti History

Veglia and Borletti were two Italian suppliers of car parts who started producing different gauges at the beginning of the XX century. Sadly, there is very little information about the early stages of both companies. As a consequence, it can be frustrating for anyone looking to find information and rebuild the gauge properly. For the automobile industry, they mainly produced clocks, tachometers, speedometers, oil pressure gauges, battery gauges, ... and any instrument to measure something. Even though the products were mainly designed to use in sport cars, they were also used on bikes (like Vespa) and even on racing boats. Veglia and Borletti used different materials from Mantle (mantel) to wood in order to make these measuring instruments not only reliable, but also much nicer and easily visible for the drivers.

As you might be aware you can find a lot of garages on our website doing restoration works or parts rebuilding, for that reason we are constantly in touch with Veglia Borletti specialists all over the world in case you want us to point you into the right direction. If on the other hand, you are a Veglia Borletti specialist and you think we should be sending you clients, let us know as well here. Just make sure you can proof you are an expert on the subject if you look for clients, otherwise save your and our time please.

Continuing with the story of the brand, the brothers Borletti (a very important family in the Lombardy Capital) or Fratello Borletti (in Italian) founded the company (in 1897 in Milan) in order to produce licensed watches: American, Swiss and German. The company was transformed for military purposes during World War I to then become a manufacturer of precision mechanisms in the aftermath. One product away from car parts which we think is worth highlighting is the eternal and mythical 1963 Sfericlock designed by Mr Rodolfo Bonetto, very similar to Dieter Rahms simple way of designing aesthetic products.

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Borletti acquired the brand Veglia on July 15th 1930 (according to the Italian register). Veglia was the brand used (by Fratelli Borletti) to produce kitchenware, clocks and other fine instruments.

At the time the company was producing gauges on a stand-alone basis they supplied to other non Italian car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz for their racing cars. The German automaker used them until 1950 (on cars like W196 or W154, what a pair of beauties). As you can assume, a lot of Italian carmakers used them too for decades: Alfa, Fiat, Lancia, Ferrari, … (also Vespa).

Magneti Marelli acquired Veglia Borletti in 1987. Magneti Marelli owns other big brands competitors of Veglia Borletti like Carello, Cromodora, Cofap, Ergom Automotive, Jaeger, Mako Elektrik, Paraflu, Securvia, Seima, Siem SpA, Solex, Vitaloni or Weber.

At the moment, Magneti Marelli doesn’t label the instruments with the Veglia Borletti logo/icon any more (or any other brand) but we have a lot of inquiries for working condition Veglia Borletti parts through our website, specially for classic Ferraris. Contact us if interested.

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