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During years David and Jorge, the founders, have been sharing the passion for old fashioned mechanics, always in the hunt for original parts and skilled artisans worldwide ready for the challenge of returning classic beauties to their original glory. At some point we realised that even sharing the same hobbies we could help each other only on a very limited way. The idea of Pursuit Classics Ltd was born! The pursuit of the perfect classic requires the best skilful hands. We are here to help you in every moment of your classic car experience. From acquiring the right car from our trusted garages, to get the perfect artisan for the perfect restoration, to everything else you can think of. We are the partner of your classic car trip.

Now we are passionately working in trying to help user to get the best garage possible. We have reviews and we want more. Also take some time to enjoy our blog for classic car lovers too. We are here to help, so please contact us for anything using the above form. Thank you for helping us helping you.