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Independent classic Porsche racing preparations garage and creator of some classic experiences with classic Porsche across the world. Based in Oxfordshire
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ABOUT Tuthill Porsche

Specialising in interesting Porsche 911 builds, historic motorsport preparation for racing or rallying and unique Porsche adventures all over the world, Tuthill Porsche is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of classic Porsche. Catering with discretion for a small clientele – everything from rock stars to racing drivers, painters and plumbers – our customers send their classic Porsches to our Oxfordshire base as we are a one-stop solution for body restorations and full repaints, chassis tuning and set up,  interior trim, engine and transmission rebuild and upgrade and so much more besides. When your Tuthill Bespoke dream Porsche is ready, we encourage you to use it as Herr Porsche intended. Whether your aim is to enjoy your car solely for road use, or try some historic motorsport, including circuit racing or long-distance historic endurance rallying, our driver development programmes will help you attain all of your personal Porsche goals.

Francis Tuthill’s reputation for reliable rally cars was cemented in 1977, when Francis raced the London to Sydney Rally in a fully prepped Volkswagen Beetle. A successful first raid on this event, followed by victory in the 1993 London to Sydney Rally, meant enthusiasts all over the world heard about Tuthill Porsche, leading them to the small workshop in Wardington, Oxfordshire where Francis built his adventure-focused Volkswagen cars and buses. It wasn’t long until Porsche 356 owners began to call on Francis Tuthill for help and advice. From our first 356s came the 911, creating a legendary association that is now almost four decades old. Along the way came a partnership with Prodrive, preparing bodyshells for the famous Rothmans Porsche 911 SC RS, and Subaru Legacy rally cars piloted by drivers including Colin McRae. Tuthill Porsche has since returned to the World Rally Championship, with the first Porsche 911 to rally in WRC for almost thirty years. The team won the 2015 FIA WRC R-GT championship in a 997 GT3 R-GT rally car, and 2017 sees the return of the 997 R-GT, which will be rallying in the UK and Ireland. Now synonymous with the world’s most successful historic Porsche rally cars, and having worked with rallying’s greatest names, Tuthills also build winning Porsche circuit racers. Our cars have claimed two FIA Masters Series championships and Tuthill-built 911 RSRs continue to set the pace in FIA Masters. The Tuthill Porsche workshops regularly take on complete restoration projects. All aspects of Porsche 356 and 911 rebuilding are carried out in-house, from engine and transmission builds to rust repair, metal fabrication, roll cage installation and full body & paint. Tuthill also builds bespoke Porsche 911 road cars for discerning drivers in search of something unique from their classic Porsche 911.

Tuthill Porsche: Our Historic Rally Heritage

Tuthill Porsche’s motorsport credentials were first established in 1977, when Francis Tuthill competed on the London-Sydney Rally in a Volkswagen Beetle. We now lead the world in preparing winning cars for marathon events including The East African Safari Classic Rally, Peking to Paris Rally and globe-trotting adventures with the Endurance Rally Association, not to mention shorter but equally thrilling events across Europe and beyond. New to rallying? Don't worry - we can help novice drivers and co-drivers to become an experienced rally competitors in less than twelve months.
Tuthill Porsche classic rallying history includes:

  • First Safari Rally win for a Porsche 911 with former World Champion, Björn Waldegård
  • Second Safari Rally win for a Porsche 911 with former World Champion, Stig Blomqvist
  • World Champion Stig Blomqvist on Rally Sweden & the Midnight Sun Rally
  • Belgian Historic Championship title with Glenn Janssens
  • European FIA event victory with Richard Tuthill on Costa Brava Historic
  • Michele Mouton on London-Sydney Rally and Historic Morocco International
  • Tour Auto success with Indy 500 winner, Danny Sullivan, in a genuine Porsche 911 RSR
  • Multiple British Historic Rally Championship titles

Tuthill Porsche runs its world-famous Porsche 911 rally cars in historic rallies all over the world. We provide everything from custom-built Porsche rally cars with an experienced event support team, to bespoke arrive-and-drive packages for rally car rental customers.

Classic Porsche 911 Motorsport

Early Porsche 911 circuit racers and rally cars have inspired many sports-purpose replicas. Short wheelbase 911s have gone the route of the 911R, or towards original rally cars driven at Monte Carlo by heroes like Björn Waldegård. Long wheelbase cars have become ST replicas or RSR recreations. We've built many versions of all of these classic Porsche motorsport heroes. The high quality of Tuthill Porsche racing cars can be seen in their reliability, our results and the respect our cars are afforded across the world, both in competition and in the used car market.

Classic Porsche Scrutineer Approval

For a race or rally car, the approval comes from the scrutineers. Track day or stage rally scrutineers will be first to see the car on a shakedown and check all is well. When the driver decides where to race, another set of scrutineers step in to decide the car is eligible for the rules of their championship.

Classic Porsche FIA Papers & Technical Passport

FIA approval - the Technical Passport - is the holy grail of classic Porsche cars used in competition. Built to strict standards, FIA cars have more race options and are usually worth quite a bit more than cars without an FIA Technical Passport. Everything built by Tuthill Porsche for competition complies with FIA rules from the start.

Build Your Dream Porsche 911

The classic 911 has a shape all its own. Though Stuttgart has built many incredible versions of the 911, some owners want to personalise their cars even further, taking inspirations from race cars or other sources.

Early Porsche 911 circuit racers and rally cars have inspired many sports-purpose replicas for the road. Contemporary recreations have taken on a life of their own in the reimagined classic Porsche 911s seen across Europe and the USA. Tuthill Porsche can repair, restore and rebuild any classic Porsche 911, and we have vast experience of modifying 911s including:

  • Body conversions: early 911 ST or 2.8 RSR, 911R, impact-bumper Carrera, 3.0 RS, RSR, SC RS, Carrera RS
  • Backdate impact-bumper or 964 to early 911 styles as above
  • Complete interior conversions including leather-trimmed roll cage installations
  • Bespoke bolt-in roll cages or custom handmade metalwork
  • Ultimate suspension upgrades for fast road or track
  • Engine rebuilds and upgrades including 3.0 or 3.2 to 3.6-litre
  • Fuel and Throttle system changes and exhaust upgrades

Tuthill Classic Porsche 911 Servicing in Oxfordshire and Northants

The Tuthill Porsche service history stamp inspires confidence in owners and buyers alike. Good maintenance keeps your car on the road and a well kept car is worth more money when the time comes to sell. We specialise in the cars many official Porsche centres and franchised dealers have long forgotten. We offer an extensive range of services for road cars, including everything from a complete build of a classic Audi, Volkswagen or Porsche, to preparation of your car for its annual MOT. Our purpose built premises have all the equipment required to allow us control of the entire process of any car build or repair. We can carry out all regular servicing required for cars in Banbury, Daventry or elsewhere in Oxfordshire or across the border in Northants. We can also carry out complete engine and gearbox rebuilds in-house.

Tuthill Bodyshop: Porsche Paint and Restoration

Only one person has been with Tuthill Porsche longer than Francis, and that is our bodyshop manager: John 'the body' Milward. With more than 25 years of experience working on every model of classic Porsche 356 and 911 road cars, works 959 Dakar competitors, G-Force Porsche 911 GT1 Le Mans cars and every single Safari car we have ever built, John's experience is priceless when it comes to restoring your 911 or repairing body damage or corrosion. Tuthill Porsche paints all of its cars right here at Wardington. Our fabrication department is right alongside the paint shop, and the two teams work hand in hand to get the best results possible. Body and paint specialists, John and Angela love a challenge and the top quality work shown in the pictures below speaks for itself.

Classic Porsche Motorsport Fabrication and Bespoke Metalwork

Tuthill Porsche - the company - has more than 30 years experience with early Porsche 911s. But full time Tuthill staff bring a combined experience of more than 300 years to our work. Nowhere is this experience more evident than in our fabrication workshops.

Classic Porsche Rust Repair and Restoration

Despite being fully galvanised from 1976, classic Porsche 911s rust profusely and period repair panels are not readily available. This requires bespoke metalwork and custom fabrication skills: something we are famous for.

Classic Porsche Race and Rally Preparation

Adding strength for durability and reliability, while retaining lightness and therefore performance is a skill in itself. With hundreds of thousands of miles behind us in competition and a range of 911 strengthening techniques in our arsenal, there is no safer place to put your competition Porsche bodyshell than the Tuthill Porsche workshop.

Classic Porsche Roll Cage Installation

Our cars race and rally at very high speeds, so safety is paramount. The roll cage is there to save your life if the worst should ever happen. We install more than 30 Porsche roll cages every year.

Classic Porsche Bespoke Metal Fabrication and Construction

Tuthill Porsche fabricates all manner of custom parts for unique Porsche projects. From fire extinguishers to jack mounts, custom spare wheel mounts to bespoke fuel tanks, we make them in-house. Ask about our bigger rear arms for RSR and other race-specific parts.

The Porsche Flat Six Engine

The Porsche 911 is almost unique in its use of the flat-six ‘boxer’ engine. Giving the 911 a truly unique sound, the flat six engine was air-cooled from the earliest days of 911 in 1963 until the 993 model finished in 1998, when air-cooled power was superseded by the water-cooled Porsche 996. Featuring two horizontally-opposed banks of three cylinders each, arranged around a central crankshaft, the Porsche flat six is a famously reliable engine when properly put together. A great engine is smooth and tractable, giving accessible power through the rev range. It should also tolerate running close to the red line for hours on end.

Classic Porsche FIA-Sealed Engine Building

Attention to detail is everything in the building of a great Porsche engine, and Tuthill Porsche has built hundreds of powerful and reliable 911 engines to date. Our in-house engine shop has built many combinations of bottom and top end components and knows how to get the most from many engine displacements, whether FIA-inspected 2-litre 911S engine, 2.5-litre short stroke, 3-litre FIA engines or the fire-breathing 3.5 or 3.8-litre engines used in open rules rallying or for luxury Porsche hot rod builds.

Porsche Rennsport Racing Engine Rebuilds

Tuthill has also rebuilt a large number of heritage factory original racing engines, including our most recent project: a genuine 904 GTS engine. Other projects include 2.8 RSR on high and low butterfly throttles, 3.0 RS and RSR engines on slide throttles, genuine SC RS engine on Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection and more. We have also rebuilt Dakar 959 and Porsche 924 Carrera GT MFI engines.

Porsche Transmission Rebuilds and Upgrades

Tuthill Porsche manufactures many of its own gearbox parts, not available elsewhere. We carry out all imaginable upgrades for Porsche gearboxes and have rebuilt everything up to and including the latest 997 GT3 Cup transmissions. Gearboxes are our speciality: no job is too big, or too small.

Below Zero Sweden Classic Porsche Driving Experience

Tuthill Porsche's Below Zero Ice Driving offers the ultimate ice driving experience for all abilities, from the fun-seeking novice to the seasoned competition professional. All of our training takes place in bona-fide Tuthill Porsche historic rally cars: these are not worn-out road cars with afterthought roll cages. An unmodified Below Zero ice Driving Porsche on competition tyres won the 2014 Mini Tour Britannia! The driver was a former ice driving student. Meticulously prepared lake circuits lined by cushioned snow banks, fully studded tyres and world-class instruction make Tuthill Porsche ice driving unforgettable. Our courses have on-site mechanics, experienced in WRC competition and our instructors have competed and won at the highest levels. We use the same stunning facility in Are, Sweden as many manufacturer winter test programmes. It's a beautiful spot!

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